stewart canham(non-registered)
Hi Tim....

Glad to see you have sorted the pc out now and we can see the Otters, great shots, I will see there in the near future.

Thanks Charlie. Good to meet you too and thanks for showing me your pics at and I expect when the weather is looking up again, I'll be in touch about a day in your kingfisher hide.

Cheers, Tim
Charlie Bishop(non-registered)
Hi Tim,
It was great to meet up with you at Sand Bay.
I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that you have some truly remarkable images posted here.
The site is also very intuitive; I particularly like the blog set up.
I’m sure we’ll meet up in the near future, dragging lenses around the Levels.
Regards Charlie
Many thanks Mark. I got lucky with those bramblings. :-)
Mark Medcalf(non-registered)
Nice site, I came across it looking for shots of Bramblings. You have some excellent photos.
Thanks Rob. I still have to move stuff over from the old website but I'm hoping it will transfer OK.

Cheers, Tim
Rob Chace(non-registered)
New website looks great, nice & simple & at least you are blogging again......
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